Rivers to represent southwest Washington on maritime and manufacturing task force

Sen. Ann Rivers has been appointed to the newly formed joint legislative task force to oversee the maritime and manufacturing sectors in our state.

“The maritime industry is particularly important to southwest Washington,” said Rivers, R-La Center. “While Christensen Yachts isn’t located in the 18th Legislative District, they represent an industry that serves as a major economic driver for the entire region.

“I’m particularly interested in examining how we can best support these industries for future job growth and industry development.”

The bicameral, bipartisan task force will have their first meeting July 7 to discuss goals and operating procedures. They have been tasked with evaluating key areas of the maritime and manufacturing sectors, such as:

  • Economic significance, resilience and growth;
  • Critical public infrastructure and educational resources;
  • Urban planning and development; and
  • Opportunities for employment expansion.

The task force must submit short-and long-term action plans to the Legislature and include recommendations for supporting and sustaining the specified industries in the state. A work plan is due by Dec. 1, with final recommendations due by Nov. 1, 2015.

The Joint Legislative Task Force on the Economic Resilience of Maritime and Manufacturing in Washington was commissioned by House Bill 2580. The final bill was approved by the Senate unanimously and signed into law earlier this year.