Rivers earns Crayon Award for work to promote early learning

Sen. Ann Rivers’ commitment to protect and grow early-learning programs in Washington has earned her a Silver Crayon Award from the Early Learning Action Alliance.

“It is always an honor to be recognized for the work we do in Olympia, but I am particularly proud of this award because it acknowledges the value and importance of investing in early learners, particularly those kids who start out with the odds stacked against them,” said Rivers, R-La Center.

“In a perfect world, a child would have two parents who are actively involved in its life, but the reality is that that doesn’t always happen. I have spoken time and again about the responsibility of legislators to take care of our most vulnerable, and as a state we need to make sure the necessary supports are in place from the very beginning because every child deserves the chance to succeed in life.”

The Crayon Award recognizes leadership and achievements over the past two years, but it also represents the expectation that legislators will continue to be strong advocates for early learning in the future.

“Children are born learning,” said Jon Gould, deputy director for the Children’s Alliance, which is the organization that helped create the Early Learning Action Alliance in 2008. “Access to high-quality early learning is critical to closing the gap for children who start out with fewer opportunities.

“This year, Senator Rivers sponsored a successful bill that expands access to early learning for children in the child-welfare system. The Early Learning Action Alliance is pleased to recognize Senator Rivers’ outstanding leadership in early learning with a Silver Crayon award.”