Senate honors former longtime Seahawks coach Pete Carroll

OLYMPIA… Members of the Washington State Senate took time this morning to approve a resolution honoring former longtime Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and share their fond recollections of his years at the helm, which produced 10 playoff appearances and the team’s lone Super Bowl win.

Sen. Ann Rivers of La Center is prime sponsor of the resolution, which details the coach’s long career at the college and professional levels as well as his charitable and philanthropic work off the field. The honor ends with congratulations for his “memorable and rewarding 14 seasons as the Seattle Seahawks head coach, but also for his dedication to making the world around him a better place.”

Wearing a Seahawks “12” jersey on the floor of the Senate chamber at the state Capitol, Rivers praised what she called Carroll’s “glorious” coaching tenure. “He thrilled us, he inspired us, he united us,” she said.



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