Rivers selected to attend historic convention of states

Sen. Ann Rivers has been selected to attend a two-day ‘snapshot’ of an Article V convention in Colonial Williamsburg Sept. 22 -23. She was one of three Washington state legislators invited to attend the historic event.

“Many folks have heard me speak of ‘our’ state capitol and ‘our’ government; I truly believe that it is. Walking through a mock convention and seeing how the process would play out will be highly informative and provide valuable insight that I can bring back to my colleagues and constituents,” said Rivers, R-La Center. “I support returning government to the citizens and I’m honored to be a spokesperson for this important conversation.”

A convention of states would gather representatives from the states for the purpose of debating amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Article V of the Constitution allows for constitutional amendments to be proposed either through a two-thirds vote of both houses of Congress, or though the calling of a convention on application by the legislatures of two-thirds of the states. A convention has never been used to propose amendments to the Constitution.

“The legislation I sponsored this year asked Congress to call a convention of the states to amend the Constitution. The simulation in Colonial Williamsburg is part of the planning process for a real convention and my involvement makes me more informed in the event that Washington participates in one in the future,” said Rivers.

The Convention of States Project is the work of Citizens for Self Governance who believe that the federal government is out of control and the answer is a grassroots movement supported by Americans.