Rivers receives ‘Champion for Kids’ award from digital learning advocates

In recognition of her service to Washington’s public-education system, Sen. Ann Rivers has been named a “Champion for Kids” by the Digital Public Schools Alliance. She was honored in a ceremony today in the Capitol Rotunda.

The announcement came during the alliance’s annual visit to Olympia, when students, parents and digital-learning supporters come to the Capitol to learn more about the legislative process and honor lawmakers who have been instrumental in advocating for digital public schools.

“Today, we were happy to present Senator Ann Rivers with a 2016 Champion for Kids Award. Senator Rivers is a tireless advocate for education and helped secure a consistent funding source for Washington’s digital public schools. Her support has ensured that thousands of digital public school students have stability in their learning experience. We appreciate her continued support on behalf of our kids,” said Sally Karr, Digital Public Schools Alliance board president.

Digital public schools offer K-12 students part- or full-time education programs taught online by certified teachers employed by school districts across Washington. Students use state-approved curriculum and are required to take the same state- and federal-assessment tests as traditional public-school students.

“While every child in our state should have access to an excellent education, not every child will thrive in a cookie-cutter environment. We need to provide options to ensure that every single kid in Washington can succeed,” said Rivers, R-La Center.