Banner day for Rivers, three bills headed to the governor

With just over a week remaining in the 2014 regular session, Sen. Ann Rivers has three bills headed to the governor, thanks to the near-unanimous approval by the House of Representatives Wednesday.

The three measures couldn’t be more different, spanning from health care to consumer privacy to victim protection, but according to Rivers, the effects of the new legislation will serve the people of the state well.

The first measure corrects an inefficiency caused by the Affordable Care Act and Health Care Exchange. Patients enrolled in a qualified health plan through the Exchange who have failed to pay premiums are still eligible to receive care during a 90-day “grace period;” however, payment for that care presents a problem when patients and health care providers are often stuck with the bill. Senate Bill 6016 requires timely notification of a patient’s status and paid coverage for patients during the full 90-day grace period.

The second measure establishes privacy safeguards surrounding contact and usage information for public utility customers. Senate Bill 6007 addresses a critical need as technology continues to advance and was developed by public utility districts from around the state.

Lastly, Senate Bill 6069 offers an extra layer of protection for victims of sexual abuse by giving victims the right to ask for release or transfer notification about their offender. The bill is the result of a constituent’s personal story and will help prevent others from being victimized even further.

“All three measures affect real people and their quality of life,” said Rivers, R-La Center. “Getting to make a positive difference in the lives of my friends, neighbors, and fellow Washingtonians is one of the things that I love about my job as a Senator.