18th District lawmakers set Jan. 4 town halls ahead of 2020 session

Residents of the 18th Legislative District are invited to town-hall meetings Saturday, Jan. 4, shortly before their legislative team heads to the state Capitol for a 60-day lawmaking session.

The meetings continue a tradition for Sen. Ann Rivers, Rep. Brandon Vick and Rep. Larry Hoff of engaging with their constituents in person ahead of the session’s opening day – which will be Jan. 13 in 2020.

The town hall times and locations are:

“This will be an important day for the legislators of the 18th District,” said Vick, R-Vancouver, who will be participating in his eighth legislative session in 2020. “Holding three separate meetings in three locations will allow us to receive important input from constituents throughout our district. I can use this valuable information as I continue to push for more government accountability and fiscal responsibility in Olympia. There will also be a number of other important issues to discuss this year, including transportation, education, and new tax proposals. Hearing from our constituents before the session begins, on these and other issues, is very helpful.”

“Meeting with our constituents and hearing their feedback on the issues they care most about helps us do our jobs more effectively as lawmakers,” said Hoff, R-Vancouver. “That’s why we held nine town hall meetings earlier this year, and are holding three more before the 2020 session gets under way January 13. From taxes to transportation, homelessness to affordable housing, there is much to discuss. I hope 18th District residents will come out and make their voices heard.”

“I’m a big believer in town halls because the people of our district do such a great job of sharing their thoughts. I never fail to come away with a list of ideas and issues that guide my work in Olympia,” said Rivers, R-La Center. “At this upcoming round of meetings I’ll also be ready to share some proposals – including one that would provide more money for transportation projects without any added taxes, and another to expand the state’s approach to salmon management in a way that would mean more fish for everyone. It’ll be great to get input on those.”

Residents seeking more information may contact any of the legislators’ offices:

Sen. Ann Rivers
Email: Ann.Rivers@leg.wa.gov | Phone: (360) 786-7634

Rep. Brandon Vick
Email: Brandon.Vick@leg.wa.gov | Phone: (360) 786-7850

Rep. Larry Hoff
Email: Larry.Hoff@leg.wa.gov | Phone: (360) 786-7812